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The Toronto Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research Consortium brings together researchers and trainees who are actively engaged in research on cannabis and cannabinoids at the University of Toronto and Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network

TC3 is a tri-campus, multi-institution, interdisciplinary Institutional Strategic Initiative at the University of Toronto

Situated at the heart of Canada’s medical research and innovation ecosystem, TC3 has the unique depth and breadth of expertise and the capacity to address almost every crucial and pressing research question related to cannabis and cannabinoids and to translate research findings into real world solutions for society

TC3 will pioneer transformative cannabis and cannabinoid research and training approaches at the convergence of disciplines

Flowchart Describing TC3's integrated approach
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The TC3 is led by an interdisciplinary team of researchers from

3 University of Toronto campuses, 6 faculties, 11 departments and 3 hospital and research institutes


My expertise  is in the area of multiphase flows, particularly in the realm of emulsions and microfluidics.  I believe my research group can participate in two ways.  In the area of cannabis extraction,  my group can contribute to the development of methods and  instruments for efficient and effective extraction of cannabinoids.  In particular, the microfluidic methods developed in my lab can help optimize single-phase selective-solvent-extraction methods. We can also evaluate the extraction process at the pore scale in our microfluidic devices,  I hope to be able to combine the microfluidic techniques with Prof. Mostaghimi's handheld sensor technology to provide a live evaluation of the extraction process. 


In the cannabis delivery area, I can contribute to new mechanisms for drug delivery  to improve the bioavailability of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals. Sprays and aerosol generators and the use of nanoparticles fall directly in my area of expertise.

Photo of Arun Ramchandran

Dr. Arun Ramchandran

Chemical Engineering

and Applied Chemistry

University of Toronto


My research project utilizes neuroimaging to investigate how opioid exposure impacts the endogenous cannabinoid system and its involvement in opioid use disorder.

This project will open up many opportunities for future research looking to identify ECS biomarkers for the assessment, identification and prevention of problematic opioid use and provide foundation for potential ECS targeted pharmacotherapies for opioid addiction. This will greatly benefit the millions of people who are at risk of opioid abuse, dependence, addiction and overdose every year and help mitigate the current opioid crisis in North America.

SHYU Claire CROP.jpeg

Claire Shyu

Lab of Dr. Isabelle Boileau

Centre for Addiction and

Mental Health

Dr. Mark Aquilino


Lab of Dr. Peter Carlen


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